Cocoa Plants - Bakery Ingredients Sustainability

Net Zero Commitment

We are committed to achieving a “net zero” environmental impact. As a group, we voluntarily embrace a comprehensive plan to attain carbon neutrality, actively offsetting unavoidable and unreducible greenhouse gas emissions stemming from our operations.

Supply Chain Sustainability

We actively monitor the sustainability efforts within our supply chain, leveraging established assessments and audits. As part of our sustainability journey, we are working towards enhancing these processes even further by supplementing our own risk assessments, ensuring our commitment to sustainability is prioritised in every aspect of our operation.

Traceability Assurance

At Kluman & Balter, we prioritise traceability across our supply chains, underscoring our dedication to transparency and accountability. Our commitment is cemented through our BRC accredited quality system, and adherence to the Global Food Standard Initiative (GSFI) certification is a pre-requisite for both our immediate suppliers and throughout the entire supply chain.

From Farm to Bakery

All our commodity products are fully traceable back to the farm. We go above and beyond routine standards, consistently challenging our traceability systems to ensure their effectiveness as a safeguard for our customers, and to give peace of mind in the integrity of our supply chain.

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