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Cake Trends

24th October 2023

With 100 years’ experience supplying bakery ingredients to bakeries, cafes and foodservice operators, we know how to keep up-to-date on the latest trends.

If you’re looking to refresh your specials board in 2024, read on for what we predict will be trending in the world of cakes and bakes.

1. Nostalgic bakes, with retro themes

Classics such as Victoria Sponge will always be popular but there is now a demand for cakes that remind consumers of days gone by, think hundreds and thousands school tray bakes, strawberry shortcake, and coffee cake. At Kluman & Balter, we’re experiencing a growing demand for retro flavours including Pink Lemonade & Raspberry, Strawberry & Clotted Cream and the floral, Raspberry & Rose.

The retro trend is also continuing to drive demand for sugar strands with their bright colours and textures.

This nostalgia trend means S’mores and marshmallows are also proving popular and effective additions in recipes, as well as being used as a topping – elevating fudgey brownie cakes to an irresistible S’mores Brownie Cake.

2. Vintage Makeovers

Going even further back in time, cakes are also having a vintage makeover, think pearl decorations and multiple layers of beautiful piping for celebration cakes – especially weddings.

3. Colour

Driven by social media, colour continues to have an enormous influence and it’s not limited to seasonal bakes such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day. We’ve seen pink dominate earlier this summer and colours will stay bold! Anything goes from violet and green matcha, to black. We are already seeing this with 2D, comic style cakes taking social media by storm, with their bright colours and contrasting black fondant.

4. Instagram-worthy Desserts

Celebrations are giving consumers the perfect excuse to have fun and treat themselves*. Instagram-able dessert sharing boards are growing in popularity for gatherings, from engagement parties to baby showers, giving consumers the chance to try an array of cakes and flavours.

5. Sweet Treats

Everyone loves a showstopper, but luxury mini versions of cakes are growing in popularity too. More affordable, they’re the ideal little treat, for enjoying on-the-go or to take home.

6. Unique Flavours

Favourites such as chocolate and salted caramel are here to stay, but there are also exciting trends coming through.

From yuzu to the Caribbean influence of tropical mango and passionfruit or Peanut butter making room for Pistachio, as a filling and as a topping flavour. Coffee cakes are getting an upgrade – and it’s not just cappuccino and chai, coffee is being teamed with a range of flavours from banana to Irish cream liquor.

7. Cakes that make you feel good!

Unsurprisingly, health and special diets are having a considerable influence, and we can see this growing. Plant-based cakes remain popular, with consumers choosing vegan options not just due to special diets, but a desire to do better for themselves and the planet^. We’re also expecting cakes with added benefits to continue to grow. Predicting high-protein cakes and even protein celebration cakes making an appearance, as consumers look at ways to have ‘better for them’ sweet treats.

If our 2024 bakery trends watch has inspired you, why not take a look at our range of high bakery quality ingredients.

*Lumina 2023
^Vegan Trade Journal https://www.vegantradejournal.com/new-study-shows-why-more-consumers-are-turning-vegan/